5 Best Baits for May Bass Fishing

With spring bass fishing in full swing, now is the time to take advantage of the bass bite and land a new PB! Whether up North or down South, the spring season can be one of the best times to land a big bass, but which baits are best this time of year? After reading this article, you'll be equipped with the best bass fishing lures to throw in the month of May and the spring bass fishing season in general!


May Bass Fishing Lure #1: Suspending Jerkbaits

Regardless of whether the bass are in pre-spawn, spawn, or post-spawn the suspending jerk bait can be one of the best bass fishing lures during the month of May. Because the jerk bait is suspended in the water, this can be a great way to target bass in any depth. Bass can easily see lures above them, so the suspending jerk bait is often a great choice when wetting a line in May.

May Bass Fishing Lure #2: Drop Shot

Fishing a KVD dropshot for bass

Like the suspending jerk bait, the drop shot is another suspending lure that can target bass in many depths. During spring months like May, we recommend rigging the drop shot with a one-foot leader, so the bait is suspended off the bottom a decent amount. This rig allows the drop shot to perfectly mimic baitfish, which will likely entice bass to bite. In addition, many baits are compatible with the drop shot, which makes it even more versatile for anglers during the spring months. Small flukes or trick worms are what we recommend, but feel free to experiment with different baits to see what works best for you in your body of water!

Fishing for bass with a finesse worm


May Bass Fishing Lure #3: Finesse Worms

Although finesse worms are great on the drop shot, as mentioned above, they also work wonders by themselves! Around the time of the spawn, bass are constantly feeding. Luckily for anglers, bass will feed on anything decently sized! Due to the lightweight of the finesse worm, this is an exceptional bait for getting reaction bites. The slow natural fall of this lure makes it a great way to hook into some monster bass during the spring and summer months!

Bass fishing with a lipless crankbait

May Bass Fishing Lure #4: Lipless crankbaits

As mentioned above, during May, bass are typically on the move looking for a big meal. Due to this, moving baits like the lipless crankbait are great for covering water and catching active bass more quickly and effectively. The month of May is the perfect time to throw the lipless crankbait in shallow water transitions because the shallow vegetation is not quite overgrown yet, but the bass are still roaming in shallow waters for an easy meal!

May Bass Fishing Lure #5: Swim Jig

In instances where vegetation in shallow waters is already prominent, the swim jig is a perfect substitution for the lipless crankbait. Unlike the lipless crankbait, the swim jig can be thrown in areas with heavy vegetation due to its weedless design. Due to this, the swim jig is often the first lure anglers pick up when wetting a line in May. Overall the swim jig is the most versatile bait on this list and has worked wonders for anglers around the country. It’s a trusty lure for when you are unsure what to toss while bass fishing in May!

Overall, the month of May can be one of the best times to catch a PB bass due to their feeding habits and still being in the spawning season. Between the five lures we discussed today, we can almost guarantee that you will hook into some bass in your waters!

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