Lures You Want in Your Winter Tackle Box

It’s no secret that winter fishing can be one of the toughest times to catch bass consistently. Many factors impact this rough period of fishing, but the change in feeding patterns is the main cause of the lack of bites during the winter. Because of this, it is extremely important to know what the best lures are during this time of year. That’s why today we will be going over five fishing lures that you need in your winter tackle box, along with some tips to help you catch more bass in the winter fishing season.

Winter Fishing Lure #1: Jerkbait

Most anglers know by now that the jerkbait is one of the best lures, not only in the winter, but really in any cold-water conditions. Due to the suspending action of the jerkbait this lure is always in the strike-zone for bass. When a lure is in the strike-zone consistently, it increases your chances of getting a bite substantially. Anglers often mistakenly use a floating jerkbait in the winter which requires a fast retrieval to stay in the strike-zone. However, the suspending jerkbait can be retrieved much slower which is very appealing to bass during the cold months. All in all, the jerkbait is a winter fishing staple that we highly recommend you keep in your tackle box.

Winter Fishing Lure #2: Drop shot

The drop shot is another lure that is used to target suspended bass during the winter. With the drop shot, you can adjust how much distance is between the weight and the hook, which means you can have your bait in any part of the water column making it very versatile for winter bass fishing. Whether targeting bass slightly off the bottom or in the strike-zone, the drop shot is by far one of the best lures that can do this. In addition, the drop shot also allows you to use small plastics that mimic baitfish in your waters; bass that don’t have an appetite may still be tempted to pounce on your drop shot rig.

Winter Fishing Lure #3: Spinnerbait

After fall fishing, anglers usually tuck away their spinnerbaits until spring, but the spinnerbait can also work wonders in the winter months. Despite the narrative that the spinnerbait is a faster-moving bait, its retrieval can be modified to get bites this time of year as well. Slow rolling the spinnerbait at the bottom of the water column and dragging it above underwater structure can often lead to frequent bites. Not only that, but the spinnerbaits blades are also very enticing to bass that will only bite in the winter because of a reaction, not because they are hungry. 

Winter Fishing Lure #4: Lipless Crankbait

Like the spinnerbait, anglers often put the lipless crankbait away after fall fishing. However, this lure can be one of the best to throw in the winter months! All that anglers need to do to have success with this bait is SLOW DOWN. Bass won’t be chasing fast-moving baits, so slow-rolling the lipless crankbait at the bottom of the water column is a great way to pick up some bites. The lipless crankbait is also one of the best lures to mimic dying baitfish in your waters, so if you get the chance, give this killer bait a try!

Winter Fishing Lure #5: Neko Rig

Most of the lures mentioned above are classified as moving baits, but the Neko Rig is a bottom bait that you can work very slowly. Unlike the typical Texas or Wacky Rig, the Neko Rig is weighted on one side, giving it a unique action that often causes reaction bites from the cold water bass. This bait can be thrown anywhere, whether in deep pockets or shallower structures. Anglers often forget about the Neko Rig in the colder months, but trust us when we say it can provide great results for anglers struggling to get bites this time of year.

No matter what you throw, chances are the winter bass fishing bite will be a lot slower than other seasons. If you try out some of the baits we mentioned today there’s a good chance you’ll hook into a wintertime hog! We hope you can apply some of the tips mentioned today next time you hit the water, and if you want to pick up some of the baits we discussed feel free to check out our online shop!

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