5 Gifts for Dads & Grads Who Love to Fish

With Father's Day and graduation right around the corner, many people are looking for the perfect gift for their fisherman. Despite the immense amount of options, picking out the right fishing gear can be intimidating for someone who does not know much about the hobby. Lucky for you, today we will be breaking down five of the best gifts for dads and grads who love to fish. We can almost guarantee that any fisherman you know will love these gifts, so with that said, let's dive right in!

Deeper Sonar for Father's Day


Fishing Gift #1: Deeper Sonar

Whether the fisherman in your life has a boat or does most of their fishing from the shore, the deeper sonar is a great way to help them catch more fish and learn about the water they are fishing! The Deeper Sonar is a portable fish finder that allows you to see what type of structure and fish are in the water, similar to the fancy electronic systems you see in bass boats. The deeper sonar connects to your phone screen and scans underwater to give you a detailed profile of what is down below! This portable sonar can be casted, attached to the boat, or used for ice fishing which makes it a perfect gift for any fisherman in your life. If you want to help your favorite angler learn and catch more fish on the water, this is a great gift choice for them!

Inflatable Life Jacket

Fishing Gift #2: Auto-Inflating Life Jacket

A nerve-racking scenario while fishing is having a loved-one accidentally fall into the water at any moment. Often, anglers refuse to wear a life jacket simply because the jacket's bulky profile restricts their movements. However, this will no longer be an issue for anglers with this gift, and they will be safe on the water at all times. Our second gift for any angler is an auto-inflating life jacket. Auto-inflating life jackets are lightweight and do not restrict your movements, but if they happen to fall in the water, the life jacket will inflate upon impact and allow them to float like any other life jacket. This life jacket is a fantastic gift for someone you know who refuses to wear a PFD!

Bulk Fishing Line

Fishing Gift #3: Bulk Fishing Line

Out of all the fishing gear, anglers can never have too much fishing line. Between returning their lures and getting tangled, anglers are constantly spooling their reels with new fishing line, so why not give them a stockpile of fishing line that will last a while? We recommend asking the angler in your life what their favorite fishing line is and ordering a bulk size spool to surprise them. Fishing line may be a simple gift, but trust us when we say they will appreciate and use it!

Fishing Tackle Bags

Fishing Gift #4: Tackle Bags

Another item that anglers cannot have enough of is storage for their collection of lures. Most fishermen have an overwhelming amount of tackle boxes, so we recommend switching it up and getting some bait bags for their soft plastic baits. Most anglers do not have an effective way of storing their soft plastic baits, but these bait bags allow for efficient and easy organization for any fisherman's soft bait collection. If the fisherman in your life has a sizable tackle collection, we recommend getting them a handful of these bags to help them stay organized!

MONSTERBASS Gift Subscription Fishing Box

Fishing Gift #5: Subscription Box

We might have saved the best gift for last, because an angler can never have too many lures! If you want to get a gift that keeps on giving, we recommend giving your angler a yearly subscription to the MONSTERBASS subscription service. With MONSTERBASS, your fisherman will get the best lures for their area picked by experts sent right to their doorstep every month! Although primarily for bass anglers, the MONSTERBASS subscription has other subscriptions for panfish and other species!

If you have a dad or grad who enjoys fishing, we can almost guarantee that they would love any of these gifts and use them whenever we hit the water. Just remember fishermen are not picky, so don’t stress it when you are gift shopping for them!

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