Best Drop Shot Bass Baits

If the sun is high and the bass are in deep waters, there is no better bait to toss than the drop shot! Over the past few years, our team has had countless slay sessions on the water solely using this rig, which is why today, we wanted to break down the best drop shot bass baits that will allow you to catch more fish next time you hit the water!

X-Zone Slammer Dropshot Lure

Drop Shot Bait #1: X-Zone Slammer

In our eyes, baits designed for the drop shot are the ones that work best, which is why the X-Zone Lures Slammer is on the top of our drop shot fishing list! The X-Zone Slammer is a small profile drop shot bait that mimics small bait fish in your waters. Whether your body of water has shad, bluegill, or another type of baitfish, X-Zone lures have all the colorways needed to mimic these species. The X-Zone Slammer was designed by professional fishermen and is proven to be a great bait at the highest level. The exclusive design, scent, and salt in this bait make it one of the best drop shot fishing bass baits in the game!

Roboworm Dropshot Lure

Drop Shot Bait #2: Roboworm Straight Worm

Unlike the X-Zone Slammer, the Roboworm Straight Worm is a large-profile drop shot bait that many anglers swear by when fishing for bass. The large-profile of the Roboworm creates a unique action on the fall, which is often irresistible for bass. In addition, the salt infused within the Roboworm is another reason why it is the best drop shot bait for bass in the eyes of many anglers. When a bass bites on the Roboworm, their salt release system causes a burst of salt to emit, which causes the bass to react and eat the whole lure on the spot. We have heard nothing but good things about the Roboworm and can honestly say that it is one of the best drop shot baits available to anglers!

Keitech Paddle Tail Swimbait

Drop Shot Bait #3: Keitech Paddle Tail Swimbait

Our last bait on the list today is one that many anglers exclusively use when bass fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass. The Keitech Paddle Tail Swimbait is the best of both worlds regarding the other two baits we mentioned. The Keitech Swimbait does not have a profile like the Roboworm, but it is significantly larger than the X-Zone Slammer, making it the perfect size for any bass fisherman. The quality plastic and unique action of the Keitech Swimbait make it impossible not to feature on this list. The Keitech Swimbait is a fantastic option whenever you use the drop shot, and trust us when we say the bait will speak for itself.


Any of the baits above are great options for the drop shot. If you experiment with the three drop shot baits we went over today, you're bound to have success this summer! Just remember, the drop shot works in shallow and deep waters, so do not be afraid to pull out the drop shot when you are fishing docks or deep points!

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