Fishing bass with a finesse worm

As the fall fishing season goes on and the water temperatures continue to cool down, bass tend to group up and can be found in large numbers within certain areas. Many anglers take advantage of this by fishing with larger baits in hopes of landing a trophy bass. However, sometimes the fish just aren’t interested in those big baits. That’s when it’s time to break out the finesse worm.

A finesse worm is typically a smaller worm that is fished on light tackle. The smaller size of the worm and light tackle help anglers catch bass that are uninterested in larger baits. In this article, we’ll go over the best finesse worms for fall bass, how to rig them, what rod and reel to use, and where to fish them.

There are many different types of finesse worms, but not all of them will work well in the cooler temperatures of fall. The best finesse worms for fall bass are small in size and have a natural presentation. Some of our favorite finesse worms for fall bass include:

  • The X Zone Lures Deception Worm in Houdini
  • The Strike King Rage Cut-R-Worm in Blue Swirl
  • The Big Bite Baits Coontail Worm in Watermelon Red Magic

Strike King Rage R Worm

These are just a few of our favorite finesse worms for fall bass. Experiment with different colors and sizes until you find something that the fish are biting on.

How to Rig Your Finesse Worms for Fall Bass Fishing

Now that you know what kind of finesse worm to use, it’s time to learn how to rig it. There are many different ways to rig a finesse worm, but we think the Texas rig works best in the cooler temperatures of fall. To rig your finesse worm Texas style, you’ll need:

  • A small weight (usually ½ ounce or less) 
  • A small hook (EWG hook size 2-4) 
  • A small bead 
  • Finesse worm of your choice

First, thread your chosen weight onto your line. Then, thread on a small bead followed by your hook. Push the point of the hook through the nose of your chosen worm so that about ¼ inch of the hook is exposed. This will ensure that your worm stays on the hook when you cast it out. Finally, push the point of the hook back into the body of your worm so that it is completely hidden. This step ensures that your worm has a natural presentation and won’t scare away fish when it hits the water.

Now that you know how to rig your Texas style finesse worm, it’s time to learn what kind of tackle to use. When fishing with a Texas rigged finesse worm, we recommend using: 

  • A spinning rod between 6’6” and 7’0” in length 
  • A spinning reel with a gear ratio between 6:1 and 8:1 
  • 6-pound monofilament line or 8-pound fluorocarbon line 

These rod and reel specs will give you solid power to set the hook when a fish bites while still being light enough not to spook fish with its movement when casting into tight spaces. The 6-pound monofilament line or 8-pound fluorocarbon line is also about perfect for this application—any heavier and you run the risk of spooking fish; any lighter and you may not have adequate power to set the hook when needed.

Getting your finesse worm rigged up is the hardest part, because fishing with this rig in the fall is very simple! When fishing with the finesse worm simply look for brush piles, docks, or any other structure that is in shallow water. Cast the finesse worm towards this structure, let it fall to the bottom, and reel in very slowly. If you aren’t getting bites from slowly reeling, give the finesse worm an occasional pop off the bottom. This will likely trigger a reaction bite from nearby bass. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about fishing a finesse worm for fall bass, it’s time to get out there and try it for yourself! Remember to use small weights and hooks, rig your worm Texas style, use a spinning rod and reel combo with 8-pound fluorocarbon line, and cast into areas where there is likely to be high concentrations of fish.

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