Best baits for Fall Fishing

In October, the bass are really starting to bulk up for the winter. This means that they are feeding aggressively and will strike on a variety of baits. If you're looking to catch some bass this month, then you'll want to use the right lures. Today, there are countless lure options for anglers so we will make it simple for you by giving our 4 best bass fishing baits to throw during October! 

Fall fishing with a lipless crankbait

Best October Lures: Lipless Crankbait

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the lipless crankbait is a great choice for October bass fishing. This lure is effective because it imitates the sound of a wounded baitfish, which attracts bass that are feeding in shallow water. Oftentimes, when bass hear a lipless crankbait, it triggers an instinctual reaction to attack the lure. For anglers this means a lot of aggressive bites. Overall, the lipless crankbait is a staple for shallow fall fishing, and some would go as far as saying that the lipless crankbait is the best lure to throw during October.

Fall Fishing with a walking bait

Best October Bass Fishing Lures: Walking Baits

Contrary to popular belief, walking topwater baits are still a great option during October despite water temps being much cooler. This time of year bass are schooled up shallow and are feeding to bulk up for winter, and they will certainly attack topwater lures if they're hungry! The more subtle action of walking baits is a happy medium for bass that are adjusting to changing water temperatures, and trust us when we say they are irresistible!

Fishing bass with a squarebill crankbait

Best October Bass Fishing Lures: Squarebill Crankbaits

As mentioned above, bass are often prowling shallow waters during October, searching for meals to bulk them up. When the bass are in this constant feeding cycle, the squarebill crankbait is one of the most effective baits to toss. Not only does the squarebill crankbait mimic these baitfish to a tee, but it also allows anglers to cover water quickly which increases their chances of landing a trophy bass exponentially! We recommend throwing a squarebill that mimics bait in your water. Whether it's shad or bluegill, noting what type of baitfish are present in your body of water is the key to a great fall fishing session. 

Finesse fishing for bass in fall

Best October Bass Fishing Lures: Finesse Baits

Although all the baits listed above fall under the category of fast-action or moving, don't let that fool you. Finesse baits are still a fantastic option for catching big bass during October. In fact, many anglers only throw finesse-type baits during the colder months. Although you can't cover water as quickly as moving lures, finesse baits allow you to fish your spot thoroughly, which at times can lead to bigger bass in the boat. We highly recommend giving finesse baits such as the stickbait, dropshot, and tube a try next time you hit the water.

Now that you know the best baits for October bass fishing, get out there and try them! Remember to adjust your presentation based on the conditions and other factors that we mentioned. Good luck and tight lines!

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