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Fishing is a popular recreational activity that has gained a devoted following all over the world. With the rise of podcasts, it is now easier than ever to stay up to date on all things fishing, whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner. Here are the top 10 fishing podcasts for 2023 that you need to listen to!

Ike Live Fishing Talk Show with Mike Iaconelli 

Hosted by professional bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli and presented by Mystery Tackle Box, the Ike Live Fishing Talk Show features special guests from the professional tournament fishing world, outdoor enthusiasts, and questions and comments from fans. The Ike Love Fishing Talk Show is one of the best bass fishing podcasts for tournament and recreational anglers! 

Addicted Fishing Podcast

More of a multispecies angler? Then the Addicted Fishing Podcast should be a must-listen for you in 2023! The Addicted Fishing Podcast covers fishing tips for many species, such as Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, Walleye, Trout, and more. The Addicted Fishing Podcast is a great listen for anglers looking to learn and hear some great fishing stories! 

Tom Rowland Podcast

Hosted by professional angler Tom Rowland, this podcast covers a wide range of fishing-related topics, including gear, techniques, and industry news in the freshwater and saltwater industries. Rowland's extensive knowledge and experience makes this podcast a valuable resource for anglers of all levels.

The Blue Fish Radio Show

Hosted by Lawrence Gunther, The Blue Fish Radio Show goes beyond fishing and features interviews with people who have expertise and first-hand knowledge in the fishing, fish, and aquatic ecosystem industries. This podcast is a great listen for anglers interested in learning about fishing and fish all in one podcast! 

Big Fish Podcast

This podcast is all about big fish, with a focus on trophy-sized specimens. Hosted by experienced anglers, the Big Fish Podcast covers everything from tackle and techniques to interviews with other big fish enthusiasts.

Cast and Crank Socal Fishing Podcast

Are you a Socal fishing fan? Then this is the podcast for you! Cast and Crank Socal Fishing Podcast covers everything about Southern California fishing. Whether it is locations, baits, or techniques, this is the perfect podcast for all California anglers! 

On the Water Podcast

On the Water Podcast covers saltwater species with an emphasis on Northeast fishing. Based out of Massachusetts, this podcast covers all the sights, scenes, and people they have met while wetting a line in the Northeast region. We highly recommend this podcast for anglers looking to unwind at the end of the day! 

WKND Warriors Fishing Podcast

Looking for a casual listen while you are rigging up or on the water? Give the WKND Warriors Fishing Podcast a go! Hosted by two wknd warriors Brandon Kayter & Logan Lewis, these hosts take you with them as they sit down with special guests from across the industry. It does not matter if you are a casual fisherman or a hardcore angler, this podcast is for everyone alike! 

Hard Water Fishing Show

Don’t worry ice fishermen, we didn’t forget about you! The Hard Water Fishing show is our go-to podcast for ice fishing enthusiasts. With an emphasis on tips, tricks, and general information, the Hard Water Fishing Show is a fantastic podcast for ice fishermen looking to expand their knowledge. 

MidWest Outdoors Fishing Podcast

The MidWest Outdoors Fishing Podcast features information related to fishing, hunting, and helping you enjoy the outdoors. Between interviews with top professional anglers & fishing guides in the Midwest to casual discussions about fishing tips, this podcast is perfect for all Midwest anglers looking to learn a thing or two about fishing! 

Overall, these ten fishing podcasts are a valuable resource for anglers of all levels, offering information on techniques, gear, and industry news. Whether you are an experienced angler or not, these podcasts surely have something for you.

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