Top 5 Baits for Carolina Rigging

Since taking the bass fishing industry by storm, the Carolina Rig has been proven to consistently catch trophy-sized largemouth bass. Despite this, many anglers struggle to get bites with the Carolina Rig simply because they don’t know what plastic they should pair with the rig. Nowadays the options for soft plastics are endless, but our team has gathered the five best Carolina Rig baits that might catch you a monster bass!

Carolina Rig Bait #1: Creature Bait 

As mentioned in our Carolina Rig 101 Article, the creature bait is by far one of the best baits to pair with the Carolina Rig. With its life-like appendages, the creature bait creates a sporadic action under the water that triggers a high quantity of reaction bites. The creature bait also has a large profile, which makes it a perfect option for anglers on the hunt for a trophy bass. If you want a bait with a ton of action to pair with the Carolina Rig, nothing tops the creature bait! 

Carolina Rig Bait #2: Fluke

Unlike the creature bait, the fluke has a very subtle action. However, where the fluke lacks in action, it makes up for in appearance. The fluke is one of the best ways to mimic baitfish such as shad and bluegill in your waters, making it the perfect combo with the Carolina rig. Typically, baitfish will get morsels of food from the bottom of the water column. Because the Carolina Rig is used on the bottom of the water column, it imitates the action of baitfish to a tee.

Carolina Rig Bait #3: Lizard

Lizards are another large-profile bait that provides a ton of action, similar to the brush hog. The difference between the lizards and brush hog is whether or not anglers want to mimic a lizard-like creature that they may have in their waters. It’s not uncommon to see largemouth bass gorge on lizards or salamanders in certain southern states, which is why the Lizard can sometimes be a better option for the Carolina Rig compared to the brush hog. Are you located in the South? If so, swap your Carolina Rig bait for a lizard next time and see what kind of bites you can create!

Carolina Rig Bait #4: Ribbon Tail Worm

To many anglers, the ribbon tail worm is the best bait to pair with the Carolina Rig. The ribbon tail worm provides a very unique action during retrieval that triggers a reaction bite from nearby bass looking for a big meal. In addition, the ribbon tail worm is one of the biggest baits that can be thrown for bass, which is what makes it such an attractive option for anglers looking to catch a certified slaunch. Anglers on our team have had the most success when fishing the ribbon tail worm on the Carolina Rig, which is why we believe it should be the first bait you try with this rig!

Carolina Rig Bait #5: Finesse Worm

The last bait on our list is the finesse worm, and this bait might be the most underrated out of the whole bunch. When bass are in a lethargic state, they aren’t looking for a foot-long ribbon tail worm. In this instance, the finesse worm tends to get far more bites than larger-profile baits because the bass aren’t very hungry. If you are looking for a subtle option to toss in the colder months, the finesse worm is by far the best choice in our books.

A majority of the time, what you pair with your Carolina Rig depends on where you are fishing. Even though this is true, we believe that at least one of the baits mentioned above will produce bites no matter where you are fishing and what time of the year. Next time you hit the lake in search of big bass, give the Carolina Rig a try!

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