Top 5 Dropshot Baits

Contrary to popular belief, drop shot fishing is one of the most effective ways to land a trophy bass. Whether targeting smallmouth or largemouth bass, the drop shot is a staple spring fishing lure for a majority of anglers. Many fishermen have trouble deciding what bait to pair with their drop shot. By the end of this article, you will know the best drop shot baits and when to use them!

Drop Shot Bait 1: Paddle Tail Swimbait

When an angler thinks about the drop shot most of the time they think about the paddle tail swimbait. The paddle tail swimbait is undeniably one of the best drop shot baits in the fishing industry. Whether you are fishing rocky areas for smallmouth bass or flipping weed edges for largemouth, the drop shot paired with a paddle tail has delivered consistent results for anglers around the country. If you are looking to drop shot fish for the first time, this is a great bait to start with because of its versatility. We recommend using a colorway that mimics baitfish in your waters and experimenting with size after that!

Drop Shot Bait 2: Finesse Worm

Even though the paddle tail swimbait is the best drop shot bait in our books, the finesse worm is a very close second! If you are looking to throw a larger-profile bait, the finesse worm is the way to go. The finesse worm provides sporadic action in the water, which makes it a great choice when fishing for active largemouth bass in the spring and summer seasons. 

Drop Shot Bait 3: Straight Tail Worm

The straight tail worm is at the top of many angler's lists regarding drop shot baits. Despite its simple profile, the straight tail worm provides great action under the water and is one of the most enticing baits to pair with the drop shot. Regardless of whether you are fishing for largemouth or smallmouth bass, the straight tail worm is a great bait to have in your tackle box. Morning Dawn has been one of the best colors for our team, but don’t be afraid to try something new depending on where you’re fishing!

Drop Shot Bait 4: Drop Shot Minnow

Nowadays, most large fishing lure companies produce baits specifically for drop shot fishing. We put these baits under the category of a drop shot minnow because they are typically smaller profile plastics meant to mimic baitfish. Whether it’s a minnow or craw style bait, most of the drop shot baits on the market produce great results for anglers if used in the correct scenario. We recommend throwing a minnow-style drop shot bait when fishing for largemouth and a craw-style bait while targeting smallmouth. This is just a general rule of thumb, so don't be afraid to experiment based on where you are fishing!

Drop Shot Bait 5: Craw

When anglers are rigging a drop shot, they don’t typically go for a craw as their bait of choice, but this is one of the most underrated baits to pair with this killer finesse rig. The craw provides a ton of action in the water while also having a small profile, which is very important in seasons where the bass are lethargic. Our team has had a lot of success using the craw with the drop shot, especially for smallmouth bass! 

Many anglers are discouraged by the vast amount of baits you can pair with the drop shot, but we believe it is best to keep it simple! If you experiment with the baits we mentioned today, you will be bound to get some big bass in the boat!

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