12 lb. Fluorocarbon - 550 yds.

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K9 Fluorocarbon stormed onto the scene and has amassed a cult-like following that use nothing but this super strong American Made line.

From the first time you feel the new K9 Fluoro, you will know that this line is different. K9 Fluoro is NOT 100% fluorocarbon line, we did add some nano particles to get rid of the memory problem found in most Fluoros.

No more excessive coiling after a short time on your reel. No more need to use line conditioner. K9 Fluoro is very slick. You will most likely increase casting distance and experience minimal memory compared to other line. Abrasion resistance has been very good in our field tests as well. The smaller diameter lines have proven to be exceptional cranking lines by our field testers.

Try it and you will hopefully agree.

THIS SHIPS AS A BUNDLE OF (5) 110yd Spools

(limit 4 per order)

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