Rick Clunn RC2 Flat Crankbait

Sale price$6.50


The Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn RC Square Bill Crankbait is the culmination of Rick Clunn's years of experience on the tournament trail and Luck-E-Strike's half century of lure-building experience—the square bill gives it an undeniable fish-catching wobble, and the silent action guarantees that you'll hook both aggressively and passively feeding fish. Bang this bad daddy into any standing wood in the lake, and lunker largemouth will come lunging in for the attack. The finely detailed finishes and top-line hardware stands up to repeated assaults by angry predators; and best of all, advances in manufacturing allow this superior-quality lure to be priced at half what comparable crankbaits go for!

  • Length: 1-3/4"
  • 3/8 oz
  • Square bill for an undeniable fish-catching wobble
  • Silent action
  • Finely detailed finishes
  • Top-line hardware

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