Leap FrogZ Walking Frog

Size: Small
Color: Brown Leopard
Sale price$8.00


The Z-Man Leap FrogZ Walking Frog features a deep-V, hollow body design for easy side-to-side walking action. It also features a rear drain hole for shedding water and keeping the frog afloat. It's equipped with a custom heavy duty double hook aimed at easy hooksets, as well as a high quality paint job and 3D eyes..

  • Available in 2.25" and 2.75" sizes
  • Super soft hollow body collapses easily for high hookup ratio
  • Deep-vee body design for easy side-to-side walking action
  • Custom, heavy duty double hook angled for easy hooksets
  • Rear drain hole sheds water to keep frogs floating
  • High quality paint job, 3D eyes, and silicone skirt legs for maximum attraction

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