Real Deal HD Craw

Color: Black Brown
Sale price$5.50


The Real Deal Craw is our most realistic craw design ever. It has CAD designed features to make it look like a real crawfish. The pinchers have two possible swimming actions: leave them connected position to give the bait a gliding action on the fall, or pull them apart for a swimming action. Matte finish for added realism.

The brainchild of Bassmasster Elite Series pro, Russ Lane, the Big Bite Baits Real Deal HD Craw offers the same incredible action as the original in a handful of custom airbrushed colors. The realistic craw profile of the Big Bit Baits Real Deal HD Craw lives up to its name, delivering an ultra-lifelike appearance and a unique texture that you won’t find anywhere else. Like the original, the Big Bite Baits Real Deal HD Craw can be fished with the claws together or separate – for two distinctly different but equally effective presentations. Loaded with an incredible amount of detail, the Big Bite Baits Real Deal HD Craw is the next best thing to live bait. 


  • Length: 4"
  • 4 per pack

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