ICBM 10 Piece Bundle

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This bundle gets you 1 of each of the 10 colors listed below.  
Designed and tested by legendary lure builder, Larry Dahlberg, the River2Sea ICBM 120 Glide Bait is a unique lure with almost unlimited variations in action. Perfect for any predatory species of fish in both fresh and salt water, the River2Sea ICBM 120 Glide Bait features an innovative body shape and precision belly weighting, which allows anglers to achieve a walk-the-dog action, a side-to-side gliding action, or an erratic swimming action based on the style of retrieve you impart on the lure. It will also shimmy on the fall like a wounded or dying baitfish, making it an easy target for hungry predators. 

For added realism, the River2Sea ICBM 120 Glide Bait features molded gill plates, side fins, and checked scales to help reflect light, giving it an enhanced level of attraction. Backed by two razor sharp River2Sea black nickel treble hooks that provide the strength necessary to hook and land the most aggressive fish, the River2Sea ICBM 120 Glide Bait gives anglers the ability to travel to any body of water and catch a wide range of predatory fish.

Four different actions based on your retrieve:
1. Do nothing and it sinks with a tantalizing shimmy at a rate of one foot per second.
2. Do short sharp twitches beginning with and followed by slack to make it zig, zag back and forth like an underwater walk-the-dog action.
3. Steady cranking at a slow to medium speed and slithers back and forth a foot or more off center in “hunting” mode.
4. Speed up and it flashes wildly side to side and begins returning rapidly toward the surface like a fleeing baitfish.

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