Slick Stick 99

Color: Cylon
Sale price$7.50


The Slick Stick 99 is a jerkbait, rip bait, stick bait... call it what you's a bait that was designed with no detail left untouched. 

The Slick Stick 99 is the perfect size for pressured waters when temps start to drop.  Armed with two razor-sharp BKK Hooks with a front-loaded red treble to ensure a positive, solid hook set.  It's the perfect sized assassin for slaying cold water bass.

Available in 8 colors, the Slick Stick 99 is a deadly year-round bait for largemouth and smallmouth bass. As water drops below 50 degrees, dying shad are fluttering up and down and the Slick Stick 99 makes the perfect treat for hungry bass.

  • Length: 99mm
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.

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