Super Drop Shot Tungsten Weights

Size: 5/8 oz - 2 Pack
Sale price$7.00


The newest weight in MONSTERBASS' tungsten lineup are the these bad boys.  Made from 97% pure premium Tungsten with an ultra smooth finish, these weights were  designed with anglers like Travis Manson in mind who fish moving water and demand a weight that will descend to the bottom of the water column.

These weights are perfect for drop shots, jika rigs, tokyo rigs and even power shotting through deep cover.

And don't overpay for tungsten weights!  I was and that's why I researched the market only to learn that just about all the tungsten weights sold by your favorite brands are made by just a handful of manufacturers.

So I reached out to all of the factories that produce the other brands, only to learn that all the weights are made nearly exactly the same... 97% pure tungsten, insert free and nearly impossible to chip.

So that's why I went out and created MONSTERBASS Tungsten.  So I could hook you up with factory-direct prices at the lowest prices anywhere!

The result... the lowest price 97% pure tungsten weights available anywhere!

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